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Below-Grade Waterproofing & Its Benefits

When waterproofing a structure, it is very important to consider below-grade waterproofing. Below-grade-areas are the areas below ground level. These are typically basements but can also include any type of room below ground level. The reason you should place a lot of emphasis on these areas is because moisture has a tendency to penetrate this area due to the amount of pressure soil places on below-grade areas. The pressure on the exterior wall of below-grade areas pushes moisture through any weak spots in the construction to cause leaks. A secondary way for moisture to enter is through condensation, which happens when moisture reaches the exterior wall affecting the surface temperature to achieve a dew point temperature on the interior wall.

At Roberts-McNutt, one of our specialties is below-grade slab waterproofing, which is designed specifically to battle moisture infiltration in any below-grade areas of your Little Rock structure. Our below-grade waterproofing methods primarily focus on post-applied waterproofing, which is waterproofing applied after the foundation is poured. Pre-applied methods of waterproofing take place before the foundation is poured and must meet a strict set of guidelines. One thing to consider with regards to pre-applied waterproofing is that repair and maintenance is very difficult.

Why You Should Waterproof Below-Grade Areas

The most obvious benefit to waterproofing any below-grade area is that you are keeping moisture out of the structure. Moisture deteriorates concrete and breaks down the foundation of your Little Rock structure. It can also lead to mold, which can negatively affect your health. Another consideration is basement flooding, which can cause significant damage and is very costly to clean and repair. Realistically, the best option is to prevent these things from happening by having the below-grade area of your building waterproofed.

The Waterproofing Source for Little Rock

The importance of waterproofing your building is a concept that we value at Roberts-McNutt. It’s for that reason we provide many options for the process. Below-grade areas are one of the more significant spots to waterproof because of their regular contact with high moisture density. If you’ve yet have any waterproofing applied, then you are most likely experience water damage of which you’re not yet aware. Fortunately, our waterproofing experts are able to pinpoint any trouble areas and repair them. Afterwards, we can fit your below-grade area with a high-quality waterproofing system that will keep your basement dry. Don’t fall victim to below-grade water damage, instead, contact us to schedule a free consultation about waterproofing today!

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