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Failed Control Joints

Failure to properly fill control joints may result in moisture relocation and debris filling the joint, impacting adjacent slab sections. Sub-base and slab distress may occur, rocking slabs and even displacing slabs. Compression, adhesion, and elongation determine successful control joint filling.

Permeable Masonry

Cracks or breaks in concrete or masonry walls can turn into active water leaks. Cracks in brick often result because of foundation problems, but may also be caused by deterioration, settlement, or a combination of these factors. Left untreated, masonry cracks can lead to further damage from water leaking and structural instability.

Cracked Stucco

Improper installation or simple shifting of the foundation can cause cracks in the stucco, allowing moisture to penetrate the walls. Mold will begin to grow and the interior of the building will start to rot all while letting more water in. We have the knowledge and experience to remove & repair the cracked stucco, matching it to the existing finish of the building.

Inadequate Below Grade Membrane

Water entrance into below grade spaces is one of the primary building performance issues and can be a nuisance to occupants, and may result in damage to the reinforced concrete structure over the long term. Below-grade waterproofing systems must be resistant to hydrostatic pressure and chemical erosion, be able to perform in high groundwater, have a low absorption rate, uniform thickness, and flexible.

Failed Window & Door Sealants

Leaky windows and doors can destroy the wood or drywall surrounding the window and allow mold to infiltrate the building. More than 20 percent of all leaks originate from inadequate sealants and poorly installed windows and doors. Small water leaks can lead to big damages if your windows and doors are not correctly sealed.

Failed Expansion Joints

The weakest point in a waterproofing system is the treatment of expansion joints. Building faces and concrete slabs will expand and contract due to warming and cooling through the seasons. Simple caulking is used to fill these gaps to complete a project, but this simple caulking cannot handle the thermal expansion due to the changing seasons, ultimately leaving a leak point in the structure.

Damaged Roof System

A damaged roofing system can be caused by extreme weather, equipment additions, accidental damage, structural movement or forgotten maintenance. 40% of all commercial roofs will develop leaks within the first year of service if not installed properly. We can efficiently detect the exact location of your roof leak to minimize the damage it may cause to your building.

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