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Commercial Waterproofing For Rogers’ Buildings

Protecting and Restoring Structures in Rogers

At Roberts-McNutt, we are the trusted source for commercial waterproofing services and historic restorations in Rogers. Our services are designed to ensure that water, in any form, doesn’t infiltrate commercial buildings. The services we offer are comprehensive and range from caulking & sealants to preventative maintenance & cleaning. Our masonry repair, which is a branch of concrete repairs, is of high demand for the more antiquated structures in Rogers. Masonry work basically entails repairing or replacing mortar joints, stone, terracotta, and a number of other things. Two other primary aspects of masonry repair are tuckpointing and applying water repellants. Each of our waterproofing services are catered to the specific issue(s) at hand.

Waterproofing Services for Rogers:

  • Caulking & Sealants: These widely used waterproofing methods are identified as different methods by some, but the terms are largely interchangeable. Their function applies to several above and below grade areas such as expansion and control joints. Used for sealing gaps where infiltrating moisture may be an issue.
  • Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning: Regular maintenance and cleaning is one of the easiest steps to take toward waterproofing a commercial building. We prepare and execute a maintenance plan that is designed to fix minor issues and identify signs that larger ones may be present. We fix problems before they grow into larger, more costly issues.
  • Concrete Repairs: Cracks in concrete are very inviting for moisture and can lead to larger issues than most are willing to deal with. Moisture is able to settle in these cracks and slowly seep into the pores, eventually breaking down the material. Concrete repair and waterproofing starts with applying epoxy injections or grout to fix the cracks and ends with coatings to strengthen waterproofing.
  • Masonry & Historical Repairs: We briefly mentioned tuckpointing and water repellants above. We also have CMU replacement, mortar striping, cleaning of existing masonry, and texture coating as part of our masonry services.

Rogers’ Premier Commercial Waterproofing and Restorations Provider

Waterproofing your commercial and historic structures is a necessity if you want your commercial and historic structures to continue standing upright and looking great. Our services keep buildings from breaking down at the material level by keeping moisture out. Roberts-McNutt is ready to help get better performance out of your business’s structural integrity by offering our waterproofing services in the Rogers area. To learn more about our commercial services, including roofing, contact us today!

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