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Commercial Waterproofing Found in Fayetteville

Protecting and Restoring Fayetteville’s Structures

The town of Fayetteville is historic in its own right with it being home to Arkansas’ most well-known college, the University of Arkansas. For that reason alone, you should want to trust the task of protecting its structures left with waterproofing professionals. At Roberts-McNutt, we are the trusted source for commercial waterproofing services and historic restorations in Fayetteville. We ensure that water, in any form, doesn’t infiltrate Fayetteville’s structures. One of our most requested services around here is masonry repair, a branch of concrete repairs. Masonry work is highly demanded in historic restorations and includes repairing or replacing mortar joints, stone, terracotta, and many other things. Tuckpointing and water repellants play a very large role in masonry work as well. Our waterproofing services extend well beyond concrete repairs and masonry work, with each providing different methods and benefits.

Other Waterproofing Services for Fayetteville:

  • Caulking & Sealants: “Two” of the most widely used waterproofing methods, caulking & sealants are practically interchangeable substances that are applied to several above and below grade areas, including expansion and control joints. Their purpose is to seal gaps where moisture may enter.
  • Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning: Providing an easy way to help your commercial building avoid costly damage, the maintenance plans we create identify issues before they cause significant damage. Plans often include caulk and sealants as needed, removal of debris, conducting affordable repairs or replacements, and more.
  • Concrete Repairs: Prime targets for water infiltration are cracks in concrete. The moisture seep into the pores and eventually breakdown the material. Repairing and waterproofing concrete usually entails applying epoxy injections or grout and coatings to eliminate cracks and strengthen waterproofing.
  • Masonry & Historical Repairs: Tuckpointing and water repellants make up only a small part of masonry repairs. Other masonry services are CMU replacement, striping mortar, cleaning existing masonry, and textured coatings.

Fayetteville’s Premier Commercial Waterproofing and Restorations Provider

Waterproofing is absolutely imperative if you want to keep your commercial and historic structures standing upright and looking great. The services we offer keep buildings from breaking down at the material level and keeps moisture out. Regular preventative maintenance and cleaning services prolong the life of your commercial structure and you can find both at Roberts-McNutt. Our outstanding waterproofing services are designed to take care of areas where water damage or leaking evidently taken place. To learn more about how we keep water from destroying your building, contact us today!

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