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Waterproofing and More in Fort Smith

Protecting and Restoring Fort Smith Buildings

If you’re in the Fort Smith area and are in need of a trusted source for commercial waterproofing services and historic restorations, then we have your solutions at Robert-McNutt. We’ve been serving Northwest Arkansas areas for over four decades. The waterproofing services we offer effectively restore your building’s structure so that damaging moisture cannot infiltrate it. Our services range from caulking & sealants to preventative maintenance & cleaning. We also do masonry repair, which branches from our concrete repairs. The masonry work we do is popular among those wanting to restore historic structures, but it’s also great for more modern buildings if the damage calls for it. Masonry repairs and restorations include work on mortar joints, stone, terracotta, and a number of other things. Each of our waterproofing services can build off of one another or be used individually and range from basic caulking to advanced concrete repairs.

Waterproofing Services for Fort Smith:

  • Caulking & Sealants: Used frequently and as a basic level of waterproofing, caulking and sealants keep moisture from penetrating your build through common areas where gaps are typically present. Though a basic method, it is one that should never be overlooked.
  • Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning: Regular maintenance is a preemptive strike against water damage. Our preventative maintenance and cleaning option consists of a comprehensive inspection, minor repairs, caulking & sealing, identification of larger issues, and more.
  • Concrete Repairs: A huge problem area for waterproofing is cracked concrete. This is an area in which moisture can settle and seep into the pores to eventually breakdown the rest of your concrete. We start by applying epoxy injections or grout to repair the cracks and end with applying waterproof coating materials to strengthen the concrete’s protection.
  • Masonry & Historical Repairs: Tuckpointing and repellants are key points to masonry repairs. Tuckpointing fills in damaged mortar, which if not taken care of can cause irreparable damage that calls for a full replacement of your masonry. Water repellants for a barrier between water and your structure.

Fort Smith’s Trusted Commercial Waterproofing and Restorations Provider

Waterproofing your commercial and historic structures is necessary in order to keep them standing tall and looking great, otherwise, they run the risk of deteriorating and dilapidation. The services we provide keep that from happening to your building by protecting it from breaking down at the material level. Roberts-McNutt is ready to restore your business’s structural integrity with our waterproofing services provided in the Fort Smith area. To learn more about waterproofing and our other commercial services of roofing and building restoration, contact us today!

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