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Take Control of Your Outrageous Energy Bills

Is it just me or have energy bills significantly gone up? Typically in my house, I look forward to October and November because the weather is relatively mild and therefore I can give the AC and heat a break. Usually these two months are a nice break for my high energy bills. Not the case this year. I was shocked to open my bills last month and this month. High is an understatement. So, with that being said, who wouldn’t want to save money on their electricity bills? How you ask? Well, have you ever thought about your roof and how it’s probably not doing anything to save you energy? The fact of the matter is that a roof can work for you, be super low maintenance and actually save you energy! How smart is that? Here at Roberts-McNutt, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. If you’re looking for a way to be green and save money for your home or business, Roberts -McNutt has a smart solution.

In mid 2011, we launched our new solar division. As a solar integrator, Roberts-McNutt offers photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels, thermal solar, solar design services, and turn-key installation of residential solar systems and commercial solar systems.

So how exactly do solar panels work? Our solar panels are extremely reliable and fully automatic. Simply speaking, Solar Electric or Photovoltaic (PV) systems convert light into electricity. For FREE! This is accomplished by using a thin layer of semi-conducting material, enclosed in a glass or plastic casing. A PV system is a balanced mixture of three variables – current electric use, availability of space on the roof and budget.

Here’s how it works. First, sunlight strikes the panels, stimulates electrons and creates DC electricity. An inverter is used to convert this electricity AC current which is then wired to your existing electric panel. Electricity then flows to appliances and various outlets as needed and excess electricity feeds back to the grid/utility. Stop throwing your hard earned money out the window. It’s time your roof started working for you. Solar is the answer to saving money. You will save so much on your electric bills, it will overtime pay for itself in savings. Roberts-McNutt is proud of our reputation. We’ve earned it by offering the highest quality products/services at fair and honest prices. We would love to come out, give you a free estimate and show you all the benefits of our solar panels. It’s the smartest roof on the market and it’s time you took control of your outrageous energy bills!

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