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Common Roofing Issues During Winter

Commercial roofing problems are unavoidable, and issues can develop from a number of different areas such as, condensation, changes in temperature, flashing leaks, and wind damage. The roofing on your commercial building is essential in protecting your business from damage, and winter months can be particularly harsh on your roof. Here at Roberts-McNutt, we wanted to take a moment to share a few of the most common roofing issues during winter.

Change in Temperature

During the cold temperatures of winter, roofing materials, especially metal, contract and expand with warmer days and colder nights. Temperature changes can be challenging for a roof and can lead to significant damage. Metal drip edges and flashing can significantly change in size from one season to the next. As the metal expands and contracts, flashings can become uplifted, loose, or detached from the roof. Causing joints to break away from the sealant creating a leak.

Standing Water

Standing water on flat commercial roofs is quite common. Once leaves and other debris find their way onto roofs, drains can become clogged and leave water with nowhere to go. Also, poor installation and design can be another factor that lead to standing water. When the pitch of the roof angle is not enough for water to effectively flow towards the drains. If this problem is not addressed, the standing water starts to break down the roof material and will eventually lead to damage and leaks.  

High Winds

During the winter months your roof might be exposed to a higher-than-normal level of wind and other unfavorable weather conditions. While there is no way to control what Mother Nature might bring. There are ways you can reduce the risk of roofing damage from wind, rain, and freezing condensation such as sleet or snow. Check for areas where the seal between strips or commercial roofing material might be coming loose, signs of standing water or water damage, or things like rusted flashing and metal fasteners. Also make sure the roof is free from debris and the area of the roof around any protrusions, such as your heating and cooling systems, is intact.

Here at Roberts-McNutt we wanted to take a moment to share a few common roofing issues during winter. To learn more about our craftsmanship, knowledge, and experience with commercial roofing, contact our office today at 1-800-467-1597 to schedule your roofing inspection and estimate. You know the name Roberts-McNutt. We’ve been helping customers with their commercial roofing systems since 1968!

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