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Solar will Save you BIG on your Electricity Bills

I recently watched a show on one of those home improvement networks that was focusing on smart homes. When they refer to a home as a smart home they are mainly talking about homes that are increasingly energy efficient. On the show, a home improvement expert said simply that “solar is the way of the future.” It’s not that using solar panels is a brand new way of reducing electricity, but it’s a way that more people need to take advantage of. Here at Roberts-McNutt, we are extremely proud of our reputation as a trusted leader in energy efficiency. We’ve earned our good name because of the good work that we do and because of the way we do business. In 2011, we launched our new solar division. As a solar integrator, Roberts-McNutt offers photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels, thermal solar, solar design services, and turn-key installation of residential solar systems and commercial solar systems.

Solar Solutions

In a nutshell, our smart Solar Panels will save you significantly on your electricity bills. The sun doesn’t send you a bill, so why are you not taking advantage of this? Solar Electric or Photovoltaic (PV) systems convert light into electricity. For FREE! This is made possible by using a thin layer of semi-conducting material, enclosed in a glass or plastic casing. A PV system is a balanced mixture of three variables – current electric use, availability of space on the roof and budget.

First, sunlight strikes the panels, stimulates electrons and creates DC electricity. An inverter is used to convert this electricity. Electricity then flows to appliances and various outlets as needed and excess electricity feeds back to the grid/utility. Again, solar accomplishes all of this for FREE! Sure, solar is an investment to get started but overtime you will save so much on your electricity bills it will pay for itself in energy savings!

We would love to send one of our solar experts out to your house and talk to you about how solar can help you start to save BIG on your electricity bills. Our estimates are always free! High quality smart products, fair and honest pricing, and the best installers in the business. That’s the Roberts-McNutt difference! 

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