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Leaks are like thieves in the night. They slowly sneak up and catch you when you least expect it! The only difference is we try to prepare for thieves. We invest in homeowners and business insurance, security systems, and even a dog! But what are you doing to prepare or prevent leaks in your home and business? If you’re not sure where to start in the preparation and prevention process for emergency leaks check out the list below.


If you ever have a major leak the first thing you should do is immediately shut off the water. It is very wise to make a plan and a MAP of exactly where you can shut off the water. This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do in an emergency. Shutting off the water can help prevent further damage. There should be documentation of where the shutoff locations are in the building. Make sure the people who would be in charge of cutting off the water KNOW EXACTLY where to go to do so.


If it’s safe to turn off the POWER, do so as soon as possible to prevent any other unnecessary damage. I think we all know that the combination of water and electricity can be very dangerous, so be very careful when turning off your power. Shut the electrify off at the breaker box if it is safe to do so. Make sure you maintain records of breaker box locations. Make sure you put this information in a convenient location for emergency situations.


Contact a water extraction company and get the water removed as soon as possible. Speed is very important. Starting the drying process as soon as possible is important so mold won’t take hold.  DO NOT USE A REGULAR VACUUM TO REMOVE WATER.


Make sure you take pictures as soon as possible for your insurance and get them submitted in a timely manner. When the water extraction is done you should be able to see the source of the leak.


Waterproofing your building is a major step that can be taken before tragedy hits.  Here at Roberts McNutt, we specialize in keeping the water out! Leak detection is very important in prevention. We are an experienced and professional commercial waterproofing contractor specializing in building restoration, rehabilitation, and preventative maintenance. Let us help you take the preventative steps needed to prevent an emergency water leak situation. Call 501-712-4288 Today! If you have an emergency leak now! Call one of the following Emergency Leak Numbers:

Tyler Hamby 501-519-2411

Jerry Strader 501-351-7135

Mark Tenison 501-517-8266

Bruce Faught 501-351-0827

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