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BUR & Modified Bitumen Roofs Arkansas

BUR & Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems for Little Rock, NWA, Jonesboro and Surrounding Areas

BUR Roofing Systems provide several beneficial benefits for commercial roofing projects including

  • Economical & Reliable
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Multiple Surfacing Options
  • Highly Durable & Puncture Resistant

BUR Roofing Systems

Built Up Roofing (BUR) is a flat roof system that consists of multiple layers of felts, fabrics or mats that are laminated together with bitumen. The BUR roofing system is commonly referred to as a “tar and gravel” roof and has been in use for over 100 years.  The surface of the roof can have a gravel application, a mineral cap sheet or a weather resistant coating to help protect the bitumen and felts from premature weathering offering building owners dependable durability.

BUR Roofing Systems are highly resilient, puncture resistant, and are available in a variety of surface coatings and colors to match your existing building. 

Modified Bitumen Roof Systems

A modified Bitumen roof is a blend of traditional and modern roofing technology and is composed of asphalt and reinforced with either polyester or fiberglass materials.

The typical life span for a modified bitumen roofing systems is about 10 to 20 years. Modified Bitumen roofs are usually installed as a fully adhered, two ply system. These asphalt roof systems have been modified with a polymer to create plastic or rubber like properties which increase resistance to weakness, cold temperatures, elasticity and strength and provides the maximum puncture, tear, and split resistance.

Modified Bitumen Roofs retain their durability with regular roof maintenance and can be applied with hot asphalt, adhesive, or heat welding methods.  Surfacing options typically include gravel, slag, or minerals, glass-fiber, hot asphalt, aluminum coatings, or elastomeric coatings.

Roberts-McNutt is an experienced and professional roofing contractor specializing in building restoration, rehabilitation and preventive maintenance. We take great pride in dedication and professionalism and provide our clients only the best in BUR and Modified Bitumen roofing  system.  As a commercial roofing contractor, we require the highest standards in workmanship, materials and safety and provide only the best customer service and craftsmanship that continually exceed industry standards.

Learn more about Roberts-McNutt’s craftsmanship, knowledge, and experience with commercial roofing by contacting our offices today at 1-800-467-1597 or email

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