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Warning Signs You Need Commercial Roofing Repair

Don’t Fall Victim to a Failing Commercial Roof

It’s important to keep the roof of your commercial building intact and functioning to its fullest potential. If you don’t, then your building soon becomes susceptible to water damage and can quickly descend into uninhabitable conditions. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your roof from falling to such a detestable state and the experts at Roberts-McNutt are here to help you with that. We’ve been in the business of repairing and replacing commercial roofs for over 45 years. That means we know what signs to watch out for that indicate a roof is in poor condition. These telltale signs are easy enough to spot and quick notice can save you thousands in damages.

Simple Signs to Watch Out For:

  • Issues with Moisture: Moisture infiltration is always a sure sign for disaster. It can quickly lead to stains, infestations, and a myriad of other issues. If you notice higher humidity, water stains on the ceiling, or an increase in pests, then water is most likely entering through your roof and soaking into the insulation.
  • Increased Energy Bills: This equates to lost reflectivity in your roof’s surface. Not only is this an indicator of a deteriorating roof, it’s also costing your business more money.
  • Bubbles: This is a sign that moisture is building up underneath the top layer of your roofing. The more bubbles that are present, the sooner your roof will need repairing.
  • Sagging: If you notice this issue with your roof, then it could signify a couple of things. Either your roof’s insulation has been compressed due to ponding or you may have a broken roof deck joist. Ponding also attributes to premature aging and cover deterioration.
  • Issues with Flashing: Flashing is the strips of material (typically metal) around the perimeter of the roof’s edge where it meets the wall. It can also be seen installed around rooftop equipment to dissuade water from entering seams and joints. Issues can occur when gaps are present in the flashing, which can result in failure during high winds and water intrusion.

Trusted Commercial Roofer for Arkansas

There are other signs that indicate a commercial roofing repair is needed, such as open seams and clogged drains. However, one of the best ways to keep an eye on your commercial roofing system is by having regular maintenance for it. The roofing specialists at Roberts-McNutt are highly trained and have years of experience with roofing maintenance and repair. Our early detection system can end up saving you in the long run by keeping you from having to make costly repairs to your building. Don’t let your Little Rock business suffer the damages following a leaky roof and contact us today to schedule a free consultation regarding our roofing services.

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