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Solar PV & Solar Thermal Options

Choosing the Best System for Your Business

Solar solutions are one of the best energy-saving installations you can make for your business since it provides electricity to your Little Rock building using renewable energy from the sun. They don’t completely cut you off from the grid but do drastically cut down on your energy costs. At Roberts-McNutt, we carry two varieties of solar solutions: solar thermal and solar photovoltaics (PV). Of these two systems, people are most familiar with solar PV. Photovoltaics have had a sharp rise in popularity over the years with a decrease in installation costs and availability of tax credits. However, the popularity of PV is no reason to discount the benefits of solar thermal, which also enjoys tax credits and lower installation costs. There are things to consider when investing in either of these systems, with the primary being what you’re wanting out of it.

Solar PV Uses & Appeal

Solar photovoltaics convert solar energy into DC electricity, which is then inverted to AC electricity. AC or “alternating current” is used for the operation of general appliances like lights, televisions, heating and air, and many other things. The wide range in which solar PV can function makes it very appeal to homeowners and business owners alike. By providing power to nearly anything in your building, solar photovoltaics dramatically reduce your regular utility costs. In addition to saving you more money throughout the year, it also reduces your carbon footprint to make your establishment eco-friendly.

Solar Thermal Uses & Appeal

Solar thermal technology is often pigeonholed to heating water and nothing more. However, this can be a common misconception and keep you from enjoying the full benefits that solar thermal has to offer. Solar thermal technology has been around for quite some time and over that time it has advanced to the point of being able to provide heated and cooled air as well as generated electricity. Thermal heating and cooling can be especially useful for commercial buildings as they severely reduce energy consumption during the summer and winter months. One of the greater advantages of solar thermal systems is that they are capable of storing solar heat, meaning they can still function at night or on cloud covered days.

Installing Solar Solutions in Little Rock

Our solar solutions are designed to provide you with the energy efficiency you’ve always wanted. By reducing the energy consumption of your building, you’ll also be making it an eco-friendly establishment. Additional benefits include tax rebates, utility credits, and great financing options. Both solar PV and solar thermal are great options for any commercial building. Start saving energy now with one of the wonderful solar solutions from Roberts-McNutt. For more information, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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