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Clean Energy Powers Rogers Homes and Businesses

Solar Solutions Providing Rogers with Renewable Energy

The feasibility of solar energy has risen with regards to providing an alternative energy source for homes and businesses. At Roberts-McNutt, we’ve established a solar division in recent years to help homeowners and business owners pursue this eco-friendly source of energy. We believe that one of the first steps to be taken is to help our clients learn more about the applications of solar and how they can work for the Rogers community. By providing knowledge, we provide people with the ability to make an informed decision about whether solar is right for you.

The use of solar technology has expanded quite a bit over the years, largely due to advancing technology that’s made solar more affordable than ever and the growing eco-consciousness of the world. The more agreeable pricing is compounded by tax rebates that help recoup the cost of purchase and installation. Once your new solar unit has been installed, you’ll benefit immediately with lower commercial energy consumption since most of your used energy is generated by your own home or business. Solar panels are also largely maintenance free, which means you won’t have to worry with repairs. We offer a couple of different solar options for Rogers, which are Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal panels.

The Differences in Solar:

  • Solar PV: This option is the one most people think of when solar power comes to mind. These solar panels directly convert solar energy into DC electricity that can be used throughout your entire home or business. Widely accepted as the most applicable, this solar solution has even advanced to a point where it can be used on overcast days as well.
  • Solar Thermal: Solar thermal is often attributed to being used for heating water, but also serves as a way to heat and cool air. The units vary depending on the application, but are considered very efficient and effective. It’s been exhibited to have the capability of storing energy as well, which means they can be used at night.

Solar Energy Savings in Rogers

Solar energy has become the premier source for alternative power in homes and businesses in throughout the world. The primary factor that most people take into account initially is how much they can save using solar energy. With the government programs in place, and how prevalent the sun is, the energy savings are great. Applications for solar power will continue to increase as more new innovations are brought to light. Don’t miss out on all of the ways that solar panels can give your home more efficiency and contact us today. We carry thermal and PV solar solutions here at Roberts-McNutt.

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