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Solar Energy Solutions in Fort Smith

Renewable Energy Solution for Fort Smith

A growing option for energy generation in Fort Smith is solar power, both for residential and commercial properties. The idea of saving money while being eco-conscious has inspired many people to consider installing solar panels. The solar division at Roberts-McNutt was established in 2011 as means of providing information and access to solar solutions for businesses throughout Arkansas. The knowledge and access we provide gives our clients the ability to make an informed decision about whether solar is right for their businesses.

Solar installations have become far more agreeable in pricing and are accompanied by tax rebates that help recoup the cost of purchase and installation. Additionally, there are numerous applications for solar energy beyond just electricity generation. Such examples can be found in the form of solar thermal applications, which we’ll explain further below. However, the most commonly assumed use of solar energy is found with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

The Differences in Solar Systems:

  • Solar PV: Solar PV uses solar panels to directly convert solar energy into DC electricity, which can be used throughout the entire residential or commercial structure. This solar solution is very applicable as it is a direct line to electricity generated by your business that can be used as an alternative to commercial energy.
  • Solar Thermal: Solar thermal is primarily purposed toward heating water. However, this type of solar solution can also be used for heating and cooling air. By using solar panels (aka: solar collectors), solar energy is converted to a source of heat for water or air. In the case of cooling air, the solar energy is used as a power source for the solar absorption chiller.

Solar Energy Savings and Innovations in Fort Smith

Generating your own power for general appliances, heating, and air can greatly reduce your energy bill, which is something you will notice as soon as your solar unit is installed. The main argument against solar is that it can’t be used without sunlight. However, recent technological advances have made it possible for Solar PV panels to function during times when sunlight isn’t as bright or visible while Solar Thermal units can even store energy that can be used at night. The efficiency and applications for solar power will continue to evolve as more renewable energy innovations are created. Don’t be the one to miss out on all of the ways that solar panels can give your business more efficiency and contact us today.

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