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Solar Solutions Arkansas

Solar Solutions for the Little Rock, NWA, Jonesboro and Surrounding Areas

Roberts-McNutt provides solar solutions that can save electricity, preserving your hard-earned money, and protecting the planet. Roberts-McNutt helps you gain a clear understanding of the financial value of solar solutions for your business, enabling you to see just how much power your system is generating—and how much money you’re saving.

Solar PV 101

Solar Electric or Photovoltaic (PV) systems convert light into electricity.  This is accomplished by using a thin layer of semi-conducting material, enclosed in a glass or plastic casing.  A PV system is a balanced mixture of three variables – current electric use, availability of space on the roof and budget.

PV systems are simple, reliable and fully automatic:

  • Sunlight strikes the solar powered panels, stimulates electrons and creates DC electricity.
  • An inverter is used to convert this electricity AC current which is then wired to your existing electric panel.
  • Electricity then flows to appliances and various outlets as needed and excess electricity feeds back to the grid/utility.

Solar Thermal 101

Solar Thermal technology utilizes the heat of the sun to decrease the need for natural gas or electricity. Solar Thermal Panels are simple, fully automatic, reliable and efficient, converting sunlight into usable, free energy for decades at a time.

With Conventional fuel resources such as gas, coal and oil continually on the rise, reducing your fuel consumption through the installation of a solar hot water system will lower energy costs and reduce your bottom line. A solar hot water system is very affordable often proving to be one of the least expensive renewable energy sources a business can invest in regardless of the business size.

Regardless of your goals, Roberts-McNutt’s commercial solar panel contractors will design a system to meet your building and companies needs.


Roberts-McNutt uses Kyocera Solar Panels

Roberts-McNutt uses Enphase

Solar Panel Roof mounts

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