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Convert Solar Energy into Electricity

Create a Better Environment through Solar Power

If you’re tired of burning through excessive amounts of money on energy, then you should consider having a solar solutions from Roberts-McNutt installed on your establishment. Our selection of solar energy panels provide local Little Rock business owners with an attractive way to save money throughout the year. We have solar photovoltaic (PV) systems as well as solar thermal systems. Our solar solutions are designed to save you energy dollars by harnessing the energy of the sun. The sun’s rays are collected by the solar panels and then it’s converted from DC to AC electricity. This is the case for solar PV systems. Solar thermal systems aren’t typically used for generating electricity with the exception of solar thermal plants, which are used to mass produce electricity.

Explaining Solar Photovoltaics

There are three main components needed for solar photovoltaics to work and those are: the sun, a solar panel, and an inverter. The sun is the power source and the best part is that it’s renewable so it won’t run out of fuel, at least within our lifetime. The solar panel collects the radiant energy and converts it into direct current electricity. Lastly, the solar inverter is used to invert the direct current electricity into alternating current electricity, which is the kind we use to power our everyday items. To go into much further detail than that, we would have to explain how electrons are stimulated or displaced and then captured to form an electrical current.

Most solar PV installations use a string inverter to convert direct current to alternating current, however, these can be rather inefficient. The output of a string inverter is determined by its weakest solar panel, which is easy to come by since any type of shade or cover limiting a solar panels ability to collect energy will dampen the entire system. It’s for this reason that we have microinverters available for our solar PV installations. Microinverters are installed on each panel and convert DC to AC individually. This means that a poor performance from one panel won’t affect the performance of your other panels. There are other advantages to using microinverters but the strongest is easily their efficiency.

Feed into the Grid for Credits

By generating your own electricity, you’ll be reducing your establishment’s dependency on the grid. This provides you with greater energy-savings and cuts down on the use of nonrenewable natural resources by the utility company. Furthermore, any excess electricity produced by your system is fed back into the grid and you are credited for it. This means that you will experience exceptional savings throughout the entire year as your solar system from Roberts-McNutt works hard to produce energy for your building. To learn more about solar installations producing electricity, contact us today for a free consultation.

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